Recalculate Costs and Prices on your Opportunities

We’ve updated Current RMS to add new Recalculate options under ‘Actions’ in your Opportunities.

Recalculate Opportunity Costs and Prices

If you’ve made any changes to your prices or costs, the addition of new toggle options will help you update them when they’re already on a job, so you can be sure that all details and documentation are correct.

Recalculate Opportunity Button

When you select Recalculate in ‘Actions’, this forces a recalculation of various figures on your opportunity, including item weights, discounts, surcharges, taxes and others using the latest information from around your system. The update introduces two brand new toggles in the recalculate view that give you additional options to reset prices and reset costs on an opportunity too.

This is a great way to keep your processes flexible and your information accurate. Often, as you’re putting together jobs, prices or costs can change. Now it’s easy to keep your financial details up to speed with the click of a button. Plus, both options are controlled with toggles, meaning you can recalculate costs or prices separate of each other if you’d like to.

Recalculate Opportunity Toggle Buttons

The new options are available to admin users and users with this action ability enabled by using roles, so you can restrict who exactly can perform these new recalculate actions in your system.

For more information, check out our full guide.

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