New Opportunity Role Privileges

Toggle whether users are able to view all opportunities or just the ones that they’re an owner or participant of.

New Opportunity Role Privileges

We’ve recently added new role settings to Current RMS, making it simple for you to allow users access to only the quotes and opportunities that they are working on, and to filter out the jobs they don’t need to see.

The new settings can be found in Role & Role Membership, where users have the ability to apply a variety of different settings to roles, making it easy to define who can do which actions in the system. With the new setting “Can access everyone’s opportunities” switched to NO, users with this role will only be able to see or access opportunities they’re the owner or a participant of.

If a user does have restricted access, opportunities they’re not involved in will be hidden from most views altogether, keeping their system free of jobs they’re not working on. Even though access is revoked, we’ve made it possible for them to still know how many altogether are ongoing: there’s a handy note that tells you if there are any opportunities hidden from view.

View only opportunities that are relevant to you

These role settings affect all places where you can access opportunities, including in Projects or Global Check-in.

To learn more about this new setting, take a read here. Or, for more information about roles and restricting parts of the system, check out our guides.

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