Mark Opportunities as Postponed

Been working on a job but it’s looking like it’s not going to go ahead as planned? Mark the opportunity as postponed and pick up where you left off when you’re ready.

Mark Opportunities as Postponed in Current RMS

Opportunities that are either quotes or orders can be marked as postponed in Current RMS.

Postponing an opportunity works similarly to marking as lost or dead - these opportunities are made inactive and any stock that was added is returned to availability. One great perk of the postpone feature is that when reinstated, any serialized assets, resource allocations, and costs associated with them will remain as they were in the original opportunity.

When it’s time to get the show back on the road, restore your opportunity and pop in a new start date - then get cracking!

Check out our guide for more information on marking opportunities as postponed, lost, or dead.

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