Enhancements to Part-Invoicing

Allowing you to be even more flexible.

Enhancements to Part-Invoicing

We’ve listened to your feedback and have now released enhancements to the Part-Invoicing feature within Current RMS. Once a quotation has been confirmed, users can now determine the amount they want to part-invoice for, or the percentage of payment they require from their client, at any time. When an amount or percentage has been entered, Current calculates the balance and creates a one-line invoice for this payment. This calculation will continue until the full balance has been paid, even if quantities or products on the order change. As we know how frequent this can be within the industry.

When a part-invoice is raised, the job isn’t automatically marked as invoiced, as the full payment hasn’t been received yet. Part-invoices are a snapshot of the opportunity or project at the time it’s created, therefore a separate record is created within Current for this. On the opportunity or project screen, Current will show the amount that has been invoiced for so far, across all invoices on that project, including the part-invoice raised. When ready to make the final invoice, simply select “Invoice Opportunity” and choose “Final Invoice” - nice and simple.

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