Clone, Copy & Paste Opportunity Groups

Easily duplicate or move product groups from one job to another

Clone, Copy & Paste Opportunity Groups


Use the “clone” option to quickly duplicate an “opportunity group” within the same job. Cloning a top-level group, will keep the cloned group at top level and the same goes for sub-groups, which will be added into the same parent group.

OAdd New opportunity groups

Copy & Paste

The process of copying a group is very similar to cloning, however by copying, you are able to paste the group into the same opportunity or another opportunity.

Once you’ve copied your opportunity group, you can then paste it onto a different job. To create a new sub-group, simply paste in the menu for existing opportunity groups. To paste a new top-level group, select “Add new opportunity item/group”.

Clone, Copy & Paste Opportunity Groups

This works especially well if you have multiple opportunities open in different tabs, as you can copy and paste between the tabs. You can even copy from completed jobs and copy & paste between inquiries, drafts, quotes and orders.

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