Updates to Automatic Costing

You asked, we listened. We’ve enhanced Automatic Costing.

Automatic Costing Updates

Automatic Costing in Current RMS is an extremely convenient way to add any job-related costs to your Opportunity automatically - reducing the chance of human error and saving time in the process. These could be things like sub-rentals, or sub-contracts, helping you manage your expenditure and get a clear breakdown of exactly how profitable your jobs are.

We’ve enhanced Automatic Costing by adding a new “Set actual cost” option to the costs view - useful for overriding any automatic provisional costs that you’ve set up on items. When selected, you can now manually add a unit cost to them, which Current will then multiply by the quantity you’ve stated you’re allocating to the job, giving you a clear view of exactly how much they ended up costing.

We’ve also tweaked the new release to allow you to change the cost price for any sale or internal resources you’ve allocated to your job. Plus, when you create an opportunity item for the sale of a product, the screen now includes the cost group and price.

Need a catch up on Automatic Costing? Check out the original release here.

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