Online Document Approval

We’ve introduced the ability to request for online confirmation across all key rental documents, not just at quote stage and included a handy new e-signature capture for all documents.

Online Document Approval in Current RMS

After great feedback on online quote approval, we decided to extend the feature to online document approval giving users the ability to send key rental documents out to customers for them to accept or decline in real time. As an extra feature, we’ve also added the ability to capture an e-signature from them upon accepting the document. This is designed primarily for capturing proof of delivery or collection, please note that unlike our Adobe Sign Integration, the signatures captured are not legally binding.

e-signature in Current RMS

If you’re on site, or making a delivery to a customer, open the approval link on a tablet or phone and hand it over to the customer to collect a digital signature, or allow them to simply approve it right there and then.

accept or decline online documents in Current RMS

Within Current RMS, users are able to view all approved documents stored against opportunities, alongside extra information such as when the document was last viewed, how many times they’ve viewed it and the status of that document.

To find out more about online document approval today, simply following our helpful guides:

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