Inventory management

Product availability is at the core of Current RMS. Rely on your system to tell you exactly what products are available for rent, whether the right gear is going out the door, and when it’s due to be returned so you can easily forward plan.

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At the core of Current RMS is our powerful availability engine calculating how much inventory you have available now and in future.

Barcode scanning

Create barcode & QR code labels directly from Current RMS to track individual assets on a job-by-job basis.


Specify additional products that are rented or sold with another product, ensuring they’re automatically added to your job as a package.

Current RMS - Product catalog

Product catalog

View your products in a catalog view with clear imagery, rates, and inventory availability before drilling down for further information.

  • Clearly see what products are for rent, sale, or both
  • Categorize your products into groups to view, filter, and report
  • View a list of all jobs each product has been linked to
Current RMS - Asset tracking

Asset tracking

Whether you want to track each product one-by-one or track a group of products, there are multiple ways you can manage your assets in Current RMS.

  • Bulk; For simple stock tracking, enter a bulk stock level and Current will keep track of how many you have available. E.g. 10x HDMI cables
  • Serialized; For more advanced asset tracking, add a list of products that you rent or sell and assign asset numbers as individual identifiers. These are used when generating barcode labels.

Manage your product availability

Current RMS - Inventory check

Inventory check

Make sure your availability is accurate by performing an inventory check across all or some of your products to identify any discrepancies.

  • Choose to audit inventory by product, product groups, stock type, or tags
  • See other people’s inventory check operations on multiple devices at once
  • Automatically create stock transactions for lost and found items
Current RMS - Shortage alerts

Shortage alerts

Current RMS flags shortages in a number of ways throughout your system, enabling you to make smart decisions about your stock.

  • Your dashboard shows a count of any upcoming orders with shortages
  • Opportunities throughout your system are highlighted with a “!” symbol
  • Product and service shortages are highlighted in red on the order view

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