Labor & transport scheduling

Current not only manages the rental and sale of products, but also the services that go with these jobs too. Some jobs might require a rigger for setup, a truck for delivery, or a studio for a photoshoot. The system manages all of your bookable services, whether that be labor, transportation, rooms or locations.

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Visual scheduling

The Resource Planner gives you a clear view of yours and your team’s schedules for upcoming jobs. View by service type, tags and start date.

Allocate your labor

Simply drag & drop to allocate your labor and transportation to jobs. When the person or vehicle lights up in green, drop the job onto them to assign.

Inform your team

Keep your team in the loop with jobs they’re booked onto by providing them with an iCal link feeding their jobs through to their personal calendar.

Current RMS - Book resources onto jobs

Book resources onto jobs

Whether it’s sub-contracted people & vehicles, or in-house labor & transport, the Resource Planner enables you to allocate your resources onto jobs.

  • Set your users and contacts up as bookable resources in people & organizations
  • See available labor, transport, and venues in the resource planner
  • Use simple drag and drop to allocate, deallocate and reallocate your resources to jobs
Current RMS - Manage labor schedules

Manage labor schedules

View yours and your team’s schedules at a glance to avoid any overbookings and clashes. Filter the view to see only particular services.

  • Choose a specific date period you’d like to see
  • Specify periods of unavailability for bookable resources, such as holiday or training
  • Get an iCal feed for all resource bookings, updating people on their scheduled jobs

Manage your services

Current RMS - Add costs to your services

Add costs to your services

Set costs for freelancers or sub-contracting services from suppliers or vendors, as well as costs for your internal and external labor and transportation.

  • There are multiple rate types to choose from: day, hour, distance, or flat
  • Add supplier or vendor costs; including transaction type and rates
  • If you have costs already set up in a spreadsheet, easily import them into Current

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