Testing & maintenance

We all know the importance of testing and maintaining your kit to ensure it’s compliant and safe to go out on bookings. Current RMS hosts a range of features to ensure your kit isn’t going out the door unless it fully adheres to safety regulations

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Test your kit

Check your assets periodically and record test results including PAT, Test & Tag, OSHA, and LOLER, ensuring that they’re to standard.

Quarantine damaged items

What goes out on jobs doesn’t always come back in intact! The quarantine helps you manage items that are lost, damaged, or in for service.

Maintain stock levels

Your stock levels will reflect any items that are booked into quarantine to ensure these products aren’t being booked onto jobs.

Current RMS - Testing & Inspection

Testing & Inspection

Set up your own inspections and decide which kit needs testing and how often, see a full history of an asset’s test results, and print your test documents.

  • See a list of all upcoming tests and filter by due date, inspection type, product group, or tags
  • Log test results, including pass or fail status
  • Get warnings when assets that are due a test are allocated to an opportunity or stop Current allocating them altogether
Current RMS - Manage damaged or lost gear

Manage damaged or lost gear

The condition a product goes out in isn’t always the condition it’s returned in. We’ve created a simple way to manage and track an item’s status when it comes back from a job.

  • When checking in a job, mark an item as damaged or lost to place it into the quarantine
  • Once a product or asset is in the quarantine, it’s taken out of your available stock
  • Quarantines can be for a set period of time or be “open-ended,” if the item is unavailable indefinitely
  • Record photos of the damage, correspondence with the manufacturer, or quarantine notes

Quarantine your products

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