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  • 01 Sep 2018

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Managing your users

If you need multiple users logging in to your Current RMS system, there are a number of ways you can manage them.

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K eeping everyone informed and in the loop, from the useful Daily Summary Email, giving you key business information for the day ahead, to managing roles and restricting access to different parts of your Current RMS system.

Daily Summary Email

Did you know that you can get key business information for the day ahead delivered straight to your inbox?

The Daily Summary email shows you an agenda of your activities, plus key information from the dashboard within your Current RMS system. It can also be turned on and off for individual users!

Get a daily summary email from Current RMS


Use Roles to control which areas of Current your users can access and which actions they can perform.

In Current RMS, roles work alongside user accounts to let you control access to different areas of your system. The admin user is able to restrict who can see, create, edit and delete data from your Current RMS system. For example, you can use roles to hide order values in the sales pipeline on the Dashboard and hide figures on Opportunities.

Using Roles in Current RMS

Add New Users

Did you know you can add users and manage your subscription at any time in your Current RMS system? You’re in control!

On our monthly plan, you can increase and decrease your user count during busier and quieter periods - just one example of Current’s flexibility. Simply head to System Setup > Users to add new accounts and make existing users inactive.

Add New Users Current RMS

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