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  • 22 Dec 2016

Current RMS
It's a statfest

As it's nearing to the end of 2016, we thought it would be fun to share with you just a few of the stats on Current RMS, as a lot goes on behind the scenes, which we are sure all rental companies can relate to...

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It's a Current RMS statfest!

W e are joyfully closing 2016 with over 2,000 users, across +800 rental companies in the PRO AV, Broadcast and Events sector on-board and looking at the stats as of today, there are 400,000 + jobs currently in the system - safe to say, we’ve all had a busy year.

In the last 30 days

  • Current has effortlessly handled over 13,000,000 page requests, with an uptime of 100%.
  • Our customers have sent out over 67,000 emails to their customers via Current’s Discussions feature and on a day to day basis, 2.5-3K emails a day - we love to talk!
  • We’ve provided demonstrations to rental companies in; Dubai, Canada, France, UK, Portugal, USA, New Zealand, Australia and India (to name just a few).

If you’ve got some fun user stats to share or stats on how your business has performed this year, send them over to lisa.kenward@current-rms.com - we’re in software, we love all that stuff!

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