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  • 06 Feb 2020

Customer Spotlight
Xtreme Vortex

From humble beginnings, to their rapid growth 14 years on, Xtreme Vortex have seen huge benefits since implementing Current. From booking agreement creation and digital signature approval, to prepping kit onto a job with clear allocation to vehicles; consolidating their processes in one place has made things much faster.

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F ounded in 2006 by its co-founders Andy and Donna, Xtreme Vortex started out in the Events industry with only one Activity for hire; the laser tag. From there, the business has grown rapidly into a fully stocked warehouse with a vast product range.

From inflatable hire and interactive games, to bungee runs and cash grabbers, Xtreme Vortex have over 50 other activities available for rent, and are able to supply to almost any type of event across the UK! Supplying an array of products means they have an extensive job list including corporate events, family fun days, and award ceremonies. Xtreme Vortex do it all and pride themselves on delivering quality event hire to every client; no matter how big or small.

Xtreme Vortex - Inflatable arena
Xtreme Vortex - Ballnado Grabber Machine Hire
Xtreme Vortex - Indoor Laser Tag Hire

Their journey with Current RMS

After searching for a system to help manage their rental business by handling bookings more efficiently and monitoring their inventory and logistics processes, they found Current RMS. Current seemed to tick all their boxes, so they decided to trial the system to be sure it was the right fit.

After looking into the functionality of Current I was confident the software would meet our requirements, bringing every aspect of the booking and inventory process together into one central system. I decided to trial the product and the support we received from Current to get things up and running was fantastic!
Donna Dowling, Director @ Xtreme Vortex

February was the perfect moment for Xtreme Vortex to trial all the exciting features within Current, as this was during their quieter period. They could dedicate time into training up their staff and importing their inventory and client database into Current.

If we didn’t set a deadline the team would be far too busy to focus on completing the switch over to be able to complete it properly. Once we were happy with the setup, we created some dummy events so we could complete a trial run. This helped us to discover some changes we required. The Current RMS team were really helpful during this time.

Xtreme Vortex needed to import their data from their previous system into Current, as well as add in their customised quotes and rental agreements. Since their old system had been in place for 13 years, it was important to get it right. In the events industry, nothing is ‘standard,’ but with the support and advice from our team, the functionality to suit their business requirements and the ability to import all of their data, the team were able to get started straight away.

Xtreme Vortex setting up Batak Lite Reaction Game Hire in the Top Gear studio Batak Lite Reaction Game in the top gear studio

Xtreme Vortex’ progress with Current

After initial set up, the Xtreme Vortex team saw noticeable changes almost immediately. The main change was being able to work from the cloud, allowing them to send quotes and rental agreements on the move. This also meant they could get instant approval on a quote without having to be in the office, whilst collecting an e-signature from them, securing the jobs faster.

Working from the cloud is a huge benefit to us at Xtreme Vortex. We can access everything we need for an event from anywhere - in the warehouse, while travelling, or on-site.

Current makes sure everyone is on the same page at Xtreme Vortex, as all of their information is consolidated in one place and everything is linked. With their accounting team in the office sorting the invoices, the team in the warehouse scanning items onto a van, and the crew out on multiple jobs, their different teams can communicate easier. Saving time and helping their processes run faster and more smoothly.

Contracts are now easier to get signed and the office doesn’t have to chase clients for information as much as they used to. Information is now consolidated in one place. The warehouse team have a clear and precise picking list which they can work from which has made things faster when prepping kit to go out on a job.

As personalisation and branding their products is one of Xtreme Vortex’ fortes, they understand the importance of capturing specific information from their clients. Through Current, they’ve been able to create questions through custom fields that a client needs to answer to make sure they have all of the information regarding the event.

My favourite part is the booking agreement creation process. It’s so easy and allows the team to input all the details for the event before sending it to the client for completion. The booking agreement document was customised for us so we were able to add the fields we needed and gain important information regarding a booking. The ability to complete a booking agreement online is also fantastic, it saves so much time for our clients and is a much easier process than we used to have in place.

After significant growth over the past 12-18 months, It’s not unusual for Xtreme Vortex to have multiple events taking place on one day. It’s essential to ensure the right products are delivered to the right location and Current helps with the logistics of this.

Current has enabled us to have clear and manageable lists allocated to vehicles. It has made loading and unloading easier, as equipment is logged in and logged out.

Xtreme Vortex’ 2020 vision

So what will the next 12 months have in store for Xtreme Vortex? The team aim to continue their growth in 2020 by supplying brand new products to events for clients to enjoy. Just recently they introduced their new LED Dance Machine for hire which was a big hit over the Christmas holidays. They’re passionate about keeping their product range innovative and diverse to achieve the perfect event for their client. Keep a lookout for new products that will be finding their way into their activity hire range here.

We will continue providing the events industry with fun, interactive activities for events and to provide a service we are proud of. We put everything into each event and we really care about what we do.

With their continuous success providing exciting, stimulating and innovative activity driven rentals, it’s clear that their business is fuelled on making people happy, and we’re proud to have customers that share this ethos.

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