Current RMS & TeamTrack

Team and technical event management specialists

TeamTrack have created an integration with Current RMS, further bolstering the labor & transport management modules that are included within Current RMS. The integration streamlines the process of booking people and transportation onto jobs, creating production documentation, tracking holiday and leave requests, and calculating expenses. The modular approach of the software enables you to choose which areas you use depending on your business, plus you can always keep on top of things wherever you are by using the iOS and Android apps.

Current RMS | Cloud Rental Management Software
Current RMS integrates with TeamTrack

How does the integration work?

Once set up in TeamTrack, it automatically pulls in information from Current RMS.

  • TeamTrack syncs your services and bookable resources from Current RMS, eliminating the need to enter data twice.
  • When you add a service to an opportunity in Current RMS, it automatically appears in TeamTrack so you can start scheduling your staff.
  • The integration is 2-way, so once you've scheduled someone in TeamTrack, it’s fed back into Current RMS making sure your system allocations up-to-date.
  • Send out work requests, generate call sheets, and manage hours worked through TeamTrack's freelance management platform.

How to connect TeamTracks & Current RMS

To get started with the integration, head over to TeamTrack’s website. If you’re not using TeamTrack yet, sign up for a free trial.