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  • 17 Oct 2017

An Exciting Few Days
On-Site With ZEROdB Live

In spring 2017, we were lucky enough to experience first-hand, a day in the life of an event production company with London-based, ZEROdB Live, who have been using Current RMS to manage their rental jobs for just shy of 3 years.

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An Exciting Few Days On-Site With ZEROdB Live | Current RMS

F rom festivals in palace grounds, to product launches in Milan, ZEROdB have covered a multitude of events since their founding in 2009, and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.

We've used Current RMS as the backbone for our business, replacing a creaking and highly bespoke system we created in 2009. We've been remarkably impressed by both the functionality, reliability and speed - it's faster to use Current RMS than our previous locally hosted system. We also love the friendly and responsive support that Current RMS has given us, with custom paperwork to suit our needs, friendly help on how to use the system, continual improvements to the offering, and the cloud based hosting which allows us to manage jobs on the go. Since using Current RMS we've increased our stock usage, reduced sub-rental costs.
Rob Stanley, ZEROdB Live

We are always looking for ways to gain further industry insights and get involved with the industry and what better way for us to do this than to visit one of our customers and immerse ourselves in the exciting, fast-paced industry we’re all a part of. Seeing how our customers’ operations work and understanding what’s involved in supplying to an event from start to finish allowed us to appreciate how hard working this industry is, and the level of detail that goes into setting up an event both back in the office and warehouse and out on site.

Day 1

We arrived in London in the morning and met Rob Stanley, owner of ZEROdB Live, at the station. Heading straight to their warehouse through the hustle and bustle of South East London, we met 3 other key members of the ZEROdB Live team. After a catch-up and a coffee, we were shown where Current’s Job Planner sits in their warehouse, showing them what jobs they have coming up, to see what jobs needed to be prepped and loaded that day, and got to work.

Image of Current RMS job planner on computer

With a couple of jobs happening very close together, it meant that prepping and loading these jobs simultaneously was essential, and with the help of Current showing exactly what kit was going onto each job at a glance, and customised picking lists created by the Current team, this was a very smooth process. After a lick of paint to their staging and sub-renting some additional kit, we loaded it all into the van. First stop: helping the setup of the launch party for an office space in London.

Once we arrived at our destination, we were ready to go. All hands were on deck unloading the van and getting to work in the timeframe we’d been given. In just a few hours, we’d set up the staging, lighting and DJ equipment, plus sound tested everything in time for the huge queue of guests outside the door - phew! It gave us a much clearer understanding of exactly just how fast-paced the events industry is.

Day 2

After a late finish the night before, Day 2 consisted of a very early start - we were beginning to learn that there’s no such thing as rest in this industry. We met the ZEROdB Live team at our beautiful location for the day - St Marylebone Church, London.

Image of St Marylebone Church inside

We had a very small timeframe to complete today’s build in, so we put our heads together, joined forces and got to unloading the van and taking the staging into the venue. We set up the stage and were out of there in just under 40 minutes, ready for the children’s concert that was taking place, to begin.

A couple of hours and a couple more coffees later, we were back again to take all the staging down and leave the location exactly as we found it. All in a day’s work, hey?

It's been great to welcome Catrin Wright into the ZEROdB Live world of wonderful production creations to experience, film and get stuck in helping out delivering some of our shows - proving Current RMS helps out in more ways that one. It's only when you come out on the gritty front line of event production that you can truly appreciate the challenges our daily lives entail, and how Current RMS has become the backbone of our operations.
Rob Stanley, ZEROdB Live

We love stepping away from the office and getting out to customer locations whenever possible, particularly when we get the chance to be involved in helping put on memorable events in all different places. It’s so refreshing to be able to head back to the office afterwards to feedback to the team. It’s how we keep evolving and growing.

Thank You

A huge thank you to ZEROdB Live for giving us the opportunity to go out on site with you. We loved experiencing a day in your working life and immersing ourselves in the exciting world of event production by going behind the scenes and getting involved. We had a blast!

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