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  • 09 Oct 2019

A great first time exhibiting at
Integrate 2019 in Melbourne!

We had a great time catching up with AV professionals in Melbourne, Australia, take a look back with us on our visit to Integrate 2019!

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First time at Integrate 2019 in Melbourne! | Current RMS

T he last month has flown by! It’s already been over 4 weeks since we globetrot to Melbourne to exhibit at Australia’s largest AV expo, Integrate. It was a whirlwind of excitement for our team and the perfect chance to catch up with the AV and lighting industry from this side of the world!

It was over before we could say g’day mate (aren’t you glad we didn’t), but stats show this was the best expo yet with a whopping 6,764 visitors in Melbourne! Here’s a quick roundup of our time during the 3 day expo:

Current RMS Merchandise

We gave out 150 reusable water bottles & Americano mugs.

Current RMS taking photos with customers at Integrate 2019

55 photos and 3 videos were taken on our busy stand #M14!

Our new purchasing beta was the most popular spoken about feature on our stand.

Current RMS new feature - Purchasing Beta

11 brunches were devoured in Melbourne to fuel us for the week!

Current RMS team out brunching

Our team had a whale of a time at Integrate, giving away merch, saying hi to new faces and finally meeting customers from this corner of the globe - the warm welcome we received was second-to-none! After catching up with so many inspiring customers, we couldn’t not share a few snippets of their 2019 so far!

WooHah Productions - Australia

Managing Director, Arosh Fernando

Arosh Fernando from WooHah Productions, who’s been with Current right from the beginning, came to see us at Integrate and told us about his journey. “I joined Current RMS in December 2014, being one of the first Aussie companies in AV to jump on board! My vision in 2014 was to create a business without having to to be in the office and Current RMS ticked this box straightaway. In our industry, events are happening at all times of the day and because we support events around Australia, it became too hard to connect to the office server to do quotes. I didn’t want to invest in expensive servers that needed constant upgrades.”

Arosh also filled us in on some of the awesome projects he’d been working on, including the Melbourne eSports Open (MEO). “Looking after 3 arenas was challenging but the latest features in Current RMS like purchase orders really helped to ensure everything went smoothly!” The WooHah team have also been travelling round the world to get their hands on the latest tech; “We’ve had a pretty hectic year at WooHah, but for all the right reasons - we recently took a trip to China to purchase more LED Screens!” WooHah has grown rapidly over the past 5 years and now has three times the amount of full time staff, “Since 2014 we have grown from 3 to 10 full time staff in 5 short years and continue to add passionate crew who love what they do to the Woohah family!” You truly are a legend Arosh, we love your team’s passion.

Arosh Fernando from WooHah Production visiting Current RMS at Integrate 2019 in Australia
WooHah Productions - Australia

JC Entertainment & Events - Australia

Company Director, James Callaghan

James Callaghan from JC Entertainment & Events also dropped by our stand and told us how they’ve streamlined their rental process, “We found current three years ago and it changed the way we quoted and managed jobs. Being able to put a proposal together within minutes and get an immediate response from the customer was a big advantage. The open API has allowed us to create a klipfolio dashboard to see how sales are tracking - not only for the month, but for the next year!”

As JC Entertainment & Events are both a production and an entertainment company, they have been working on a wide range of events recently, from weddings and corporate conferences, to outdoor gigs and video shoots. “We always get a thrill out of a successful event and working alongside event organisers whether they are a first timer or have years of experience under their belt, helping them improve and innovate the way they put on events.” We loved catching up with James and we can’t wait to see what JC Entertainment & Events do next!

James Callaghan from JC Entertainment & Events visiting Current RMS at Integrate 2019 in Australia
JC Entertainment & Events - Australia

Intense Sound & Vision - New Zealand

Senior Sound & Lighting Engineer, Jonathan Harry

Joining Current in New Zealand summer time of 2015, Jonathan Harry from Intense Sound & Vision came to visit us on stand #M14 and told us how it all began. “There was just myself and a casual at that point, I was using spreadsheets to quote and then adding into Xero which was time consuming, I thought there had to be a better way! I tried a few programs but I fell in love with Current RMS because they were the only program out there that had 3 things I was after:

  1. The integration with Xero
  2. Cloud based
  3. Constantly designing and building new features

Intense predominantly work on corporate events, always going above and beyond to WOW audiences, and this year is no different. They’ve been working with technology including an exciting project with video mapping; “We made a conference venue into an aquarium through an immersive projection - THAT was a super fun job. There is nothing like a 10 meter wide Groper to grab people’s attention.” Intense are living proof that a small team of 5 can deliver incredible results through hard work and dedication, “My team are amazing. In all honesty I am living my dream. We have loads of fun and laughter together while also pushing each other to the next big thing, which is what life is all about. We are punching well above our size and we see every client as an opportunity to push our boundaries and try new things.”

Jonathan Harry from Intense Sound & Vision visiting Current RMS at Integrate 2019 in Australia
Intense Sound & Vision - New Zealand

Our Customers are at the heart of everything we do at Current and we always want to find out more about what your day-to-day working lives involve! Want to share your story with us? Email marketing@current-rms.com and tell us what you’re up to. If you’re not part of the Current tribe yet, we’d love to have you!

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