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  • 02 Sep 2015

Current RMS
crewing & transport

We are excited to announce that our highly anticipated Services Module, which racked up over 150 customer votes, has now been released to all Current RMS users. This new Module allows rental businesses to manage all bookable resources, whether that be; crew, transport, venues or rooms - the choice is yours.

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Current RMS Crewing & Transport

W e’ve spent a great amount of time creating and building the Services Module, taking onboard client feedback and suggestions and performed extensive amount of testing before release. Feedback received so far has been very positive and the uptake has been phenomenal - we hope you like it!

Take a look at just a few of the new key features we think are great:

Interactive Resource Planner:

Current RMS latest release includes crewing and services planner

Through one intuitive screen, you can instantly see what Labour, Transport or Venues are available and allocate these bookable resources onto jobs by using simple drag and drop functionality. Like other areas within Current RMS, colour coded tiles are shown so that you can quickly identify the status of your services, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly. For example; Blue - unallocated, Green - confirmed and Red - booked out.

Handy iCal Feed for Service Bookings:

Current provides you with a handy iCal feed for all bookable resources, allowing you to see service activities in other popular calendars external to Current e.g Google or Apple Calendar.

By providing this functionality it means crew and resource added to jobs are kept up-to-date by being able to quickly see what jobs they’ve been booked onto, regardless of where they are or whether they use Current RMS.

Current RMS integrates with ical feeds

Flexible Charging for all Resources:

Current RMS allows you to customise service charges according to jobs

Current gives you the option to decide how you wish to charge for your bookable resources, providing four rates in total; daily, hourly, by distance or a fixed rate. When adding a service at order or quotation stage you have the flexibility to choose what rate best suits that job.

New Services View on a Job:

Current RMS allows you to customise service charges according to jobs

Get an agenda-style breakdown of all services required on each day of the job, as well as the statuses of each service. Details of the dates and times of the service, along with the name and quantity of crew are also displayed within each service's block on that job.

Other features include:

  • Specify periods of unavailability for bookable resources
  • Use Stores to determine the whereabouts of your resource
  • Add as many service types as you like, this isn’t restricted at all
  • See the cost of your Services on your document layouts

Although we are continuously adding new features and functionality into Current, this is the biggest update added into the system since we launched last year. If you have yet to sign up for the free trial but would like an online overview of this new Module, please get in touch and we’ll book in a date and time that best suits you. Helpful guides have also been created, running through all of the new features, found within the ‘Services’ section of our Guides.

We’ll be demonstrating our new Services Module at all upcoming shows we are exhibiting at over the next 12 months. First stop PLASA London 2015, come by Stand D4 for a demo of this new and exciting functionality within Current, along with all the other new and popular key features within the system.

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