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  • 29 Sep 2020

Customer Spotlight
Broadsword Event House

We caught up with the team at Broadsword to hear about their journey in virtual and live events and how they implemented Current RMS into their business.

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B roadsword Event House is an innovative event production agency that designs and produces virtual and live events for every type of audience. Naming themselves a complete ‘ideas factory’, they’ve worked alongside BIFA, The Economist, HSBC, ITV, Mind, Moody’s and Thomson Reuters, as well as producing other brilliant shows across the globe. Now, with over 14 years of experience and offices located in London, we wanted to find out what part Current has played in their success in the events industry.

So where did it all begin for Broadsword and where has their journey taken them? We’ve highlighted just some of their achievements from over the years as well as their most recent projects from the past year.

Broadsword Event House timeline illustration

Broadsword and Current RMS

So how did Broadsword first discover Current RMS and what made them initially switch over? As their London based Event House started to grow on a global scale producing live events across Europe and beyond, they needed to move over to something that would suit their ever-changing business. After researching rental management solutions hoping to find the perfect fit, they found something that felt streamlined and updated.

After an initial demo, it was clear Current RMS was a contender. We did a month trial and had come to a decision to switch over fairly quickly. Unlike a lot of rental management systems, Current doesn’t feel archaic and the regular updates of new features was a big draw.
Rob Sansom, Operations Manager

When you sign up for a user account with Current RMS you’ll gain complete access to free and unlimited demos and training sessions. We also have a stack of helpful guides, online chat and email support, and a documentation modification service to create bespoke document layouts for your business.

Current’s support has always been excellent, the guides and FAQs usually answer any questions we have but if we need to speak to a person the team is always responsive and generally has the answer we’re looking for. The document team has also been invaluable and have helped us create some really unique custom documents such as loading checklists and quotes with interesting functionality.

Since implementing Current RMS back in January 2018, Broadsword now has their entire management system in one centralised place, finding new ways to continuously improve efficiencies.

The Custom Field function has proven useful again and again, we’re continuously finding new ways of adapting Current to our own way of working. A good example is how we’ve added an operations checklist with dropdown menus to all Opportunity pages which tracks the status of each task (transport booking, crew booking, sub-hires etc) using ticks to make it easy to read. We’ve then created a custom Opportunity view which lists all of these custom fields to easily track the status of each job.

Broadsword aren’t just delivering events to one location. They partner with companies on a global scale, managing projects for multiple clients across Europe, Africa, the Far East, and The Americas. Because of their strong global presence, their priority is to keep everyone connected with clear communication wherever they are in the world. Discussions in Current keep track of their email threads so they can easily communicate with everyone and keep projects up to date. From their customer base to their crew, the unification of all communication means they’ll never miss an email and everyone can access all details of the job and the thread of conversations linked with it!

Discussions keep everything in one place, saving you trawling through inboxes trying to find the conversation you’re looking for. Having the ability to keep all conversations and information together means anybody can look over the job and find out whatever they need.

In March 2020, Broadsword were included in our International Women’s Day blog, celebrating women in the entertainment industry. Managing Director, Anna Green was interviewed about her role at Broadsword, discussing her strengths, and how she developed a career in the events industry.

This year’s International Women’s day theme #eachforequal, resonates so strongly with me. Drawn from the notion of collective individualism - I can’t shout loudly enough. It’s about the importance of connecting a diverse mix of people to grow a successful business. Here at Broadsword, we’re an ideas factory. I love that all of these perspectives and personalities bounce off each other and breed creativity within our house. That sort of inventive thinking lets us solve problems in new and exciting ways.
Anna Green, Marketing Director

Broadsword have established a vast portfolio and in doing so have become the high profile event house that they are today. Powering innovative projects and putting themselves out there to work on exciting projects across the globe, it’s no wonder Broadsword have gained and maintained their success. With the support of Current RMS, their logistics are streamlined, they can communicate wherever they are in the world, and they continue to produce fantastic events that their team are proud of.

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