Current RMS & Arrivy

Helping you provide a great delivery and pickup experience

Arrivy have created an integration with Current RMS, helping your customers stay in the loop on their deliveries and pickups with automated SMS and emails, live maps, and instant chat with drivers. The dashboard within Arrivy updates with real-time location data and status information, keeping you and your customers up to date at all times. Plus, track your delivery team’s performance and customer engagement with comprehensive reporting tools at your fingertips. The team have recently introduced a Route Planning feature, giving schedulers the ability to create and edit routes for staff with multiple stops or tasks during a single day.

Current RMS | Cloud Rental Management Software
Current RMS integrates with Arrivy

How does the integration work?

Once set up in Arrivy, the integration automatically pulls through information from Current RMS in a way that suits you; whether that’s by a schedule or on-demand.

  • Arrivy synchronizes with Current RMS and automatically creates tasks in Arrivy for dates against the opportunity scheduler, such as delivery and pickup.
  • Set up automated workflows as soon as a task is synchronized, like sending emails or creating reminders.
  • Assign team members to tasks or send requests to your trusted staff members to fulfil gaps in your schedule.
  • Send your customers SMS and email updates about the status of their delivery or pickup, letting them view the driver’s location on a map or chat to them.

How to connect Arrivy & Current RMS

To get started, check out Arrivy’s documentation: Arrivy & Current RMS . If you haven’t used Arrivy before, try it for free or contact the Arrivy team for support.