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  • 08 Jan 2020

Arrivy introduce their integration
with Current RMS

Arrivy helps businesses deliver perfect customer service experiences by connecting your office staff, delivery drivers, and customers on one platform with a whole host of features.

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W e’re excited to announce that Arrivy have built their very own integration with Current RMS that lets users easily create and synchronize Arrivy tasks with Opportunities in Current. Using the integration, our customers can take advantage of Arrivy’s location-powered tracking and real-time notifications, with scheduling information pulled directly from Current RMS.

How does the integration work?

Once set up in Arrivy, the integration automatically pulls through information from Current RMS in a way that suits you; whether that’s automatically, by a schedule, or on-demand.

  • Arrivy synchronizes with Current RMS and automatically creates tasks in Arrivy for dates against an opportunity, such as delivery and pickup.
  • Set up automated workflows as soon as a task is synchronized, like sending emails or creating reminders.
  • Assign team members to tasks or send requests to your trusted staff members to fulfil gaps in your schedule.
  • Send your customers SMS and email updates about the status of their delivery or pickup, letting them view the driver’s location on a map or even chat to them.

Event Artillery, a premier provider of high-end furniture for weddings and corporate events in Perth, Australia, rely on Arrivy’s integration with Current RMS to keep their customers updated. The seamless creation of tasks within Arrivy for deliveries and pickups in Current and automated communications have been a welcome change from the driver tracking spreadsheet that Event Artillery used previously.

Whatever is in our Current RMS schedule gets pushed to Arrivy. It’s a comfort to know that we won’t miss anything.
Ryan Gosatti, Co-Founder of Event Artillery

Take a look at some of the additional features that Arrivy offer, including their brand new Route Planning feature. It lets schedulers take a set of tasks and construct routes for the staff consisting of multiple stops, using drag-and-drop functionality.

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