Current RMS is the perfect rental management solution for the AV and lighting industry
Current RMS is a modern, beautiful system that has streamlined our entire business. It has enabled us to deliver our signature customer service and attention to detail across larger and simultaneous events. In the first year using it, Current RMS helped our rental revenue grow 60%.
Ross Goldman @ Event Wave Productions
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AV & Lighting Success Stories

As an industry that’s always on the move, it’s important that all of your rental data can be accessed from any device and location, whether you are in the warehouse or setting up a job, instant access is key.

See the status of all of your equipment, what’s in stock, what’s due for service or repair and what is back on the shelf, ready for future orders, maximising kit utilisation at all times.

Hundreds of rental businesses in the AV, Lighting and Production industry have made the transition, streamlining every stage of the rental cycle, enabling you to deliver what you promise.

Take a look at the customer success stories below, highlighting the benefit of moving from outdated or inefficient rental processes, to Current RMS - one centralised cloud rental platform.

Happy Customers

Woohah Productions uses Current RMS

Current has been a great addition to our business. Since implementing the software, all our staff including myself, can work remotely and don't have to rush back to the office to do quotes.

Arosh Fernando, Creative Director @ WooHah Productions Pty Ltd
Mass Audio Inc uses Current RMS

Current has helped us reduce quoting and prepping time by at least 30% and our customers always comment on how beautiful our quotes look. The flow of the system is far superior than anything we’ve used before and the support is absolutely brilliant!

Sean Lathan, President @ Mass Audio Inc
ER Productions uses Current RMS

I haven't seen anything like Current anywhere else. It's intuitive and accessible, helping us manage our equipment movements and forward plan. The developers are constantly updating the system and the support provided is absolutely fantastic.

Marc Webber, Director @ ER Productions
EI Productions uses Current RMS

Every job we do now goes through Current RMS, be it a small party hire or a large arena show. We love how accessible and easy it is to use. The support has been A+ and the online wishlist is a great way for Current to stay connected to people who have invested in the software and to listen to ideas.

Bryce Mace, Production Manager @ EI Productions Pty Ltd
Premier Events uses Current RMS

We had been on the look out for a new hire management system for over a year when we found out about Current RMS. Its ticked off all of our boxes, all the staff love using it and its helped dramatically improve and streamline the way we work.

Ben McCarthy, MD @ Premier Events
Event Wave uses Current RMS

Current RMS is a modern, beautiful system that has streamlined our entire business. It has enabled us to deliver our signature customer service and attention to detail across larger and simultaneous events. In the first year using it, Current RMS helped our rental revenue grow 60%.

Ross Goldman @ Event Wave Productions Inc
GCP Sounds and Lighting uses Current RMS

As a small company, being able to generate professional quotes and documents for clients from anywhere makes our job much easier. Current responds to our needs, rather than the other way around - something that is unique in this market as far as I have seen.

Gerard Hook @ GCP Sound & Lighting
Zero DB Live uses Current RMS

By choosing Current RMS our utilisation of equipment is higher, we’ve made great savings in our sub rentals and are now far more responsive. It’s the leading cloud rental system and the support is amazing, no other software service comes close to Current RMS.

Rob Stanley, MD @ Zero DB Live
R and B Group uses Current RMS

We were looking for a cloud-based inventory management system to produce quotes - what we got was a whole lot more. Being able to add kit to jobs using your phone saves a lot of time. Now with Global Check-in, it makes life even easier when checking in multiple jobs.

Bryan Skipsey, Operations Manager, R&B Group
Soundbite Productions uses Current RMS

Finally a cloud rental management and CRM solution that works. We are now able to quickly produce quotes, equipment lists, and manage stock availability and relationships with clients and suppliers, wherever we are, all through one centralised system.

Steve Lucas, Director @ Soundbite Productions
Event Light and Sound uses Current RMS

Business has been fantastic since using Current. We needed something cloud based and flexible, allowing us to work on any platform. Now we're saving time on admin and spending more time with clients. Nothing is ever too hard for the Current RMS team; we always hear back from support within 24 hours.

Mark Wilkins, Acct. Manager @ Light & Sound Solutions Pty Ltd
illuminate Design uses Current RMS

Current gives us flexibility of cloud based working, compatible rental software for Macs, but also looks and feels the way a new, innovative piece of software should look. The support is fantastic, enabling us to easily migrate our team into the new system.

Robin Shephard-Blandy, Director @ illuminate Design
CEG Hire & Productions uses Current RMS

The cloud gives us complete control of our hire stock, regardless of location or workstation. Current RMS is helping improve our dry hire workflows - allowing us to react quicker to quotation requests, whether we're in the office or on the beach - it's great.

Ben Bowles, Director @ CEG Hire & Productions
ArtAV uses Current RMS

We provide audio-visual installations in Galleries & Museums around the world so need rental software we can rely on. Where ever we are - from New York to London, Current RMS helps us keep track of our equipment and projects perfectly

Les Barker, Technical Manager @ ArtAV
Stagepass Production Systems uses Current RMS

Current helps us update the ever changing quotation process quickly and easily while notifying the team of any amendments to ensure a seamless event. The support from the Team and frequent updates rolled out are other examples of added value.

Mathew Goldsmith @ Stagepass Production Systems Pty Ltd
BGLX Production Services uses Current RMS

Current is perfect for BGLX as we are always on the move, it allows us to login from anywhere, providing quotes and invoices on the go. It makes sure that we aren't short on kit or people and everything gets delivered on time, to the best possible standard.

Francis White-Robinson @ BGLX Production Services
Le Creme Productions Pty uses Current RMS

Current listens to their customers,' users can submit ideas on an online polling system and vote on their favourites. Ease of use, one to one training, cost efficiency, Xero Integration and great looking quotes are just a few of the things we love about Current.

Josh Wolf, Director @ Le Creme Productions Pty Ltd
Diverse Audio Visual Events Pty uses Current RMS

Selecting Current was by far the most logical decision! It's an all in one rental management package, that caters for all our needs in one simple yet powerful solution that doesn't break the bank and is easy enough to setup. It's so simple to use, we just love it!

Brad Hurle @ Diverse Audio Visual Events Pty Ltd
Swooshed Event Productions uses Current RMS

It's streamlined the operational side of our business - quoting, warehouse prep and stock tracking. Being able to customise it to our needs is fantastic, and the support from the Current RMS team is brilliant. It's so simple to use, we just love it.

James Fickling, Owner @ Swooshed Event Productions
IndiVisual uses Current RMS

We use Current RMS daily with all staff fully integrated. We love the regular updates, especially the really handy recent update on "Cloning Opportunity Groups" allowing us to duplicate and tweak previous kit lists, saving time and reducing the potential for errors.

Jonathan Bentham, Director @ Indivisual Ltd
PCC Productions uses Current RMS

Current RMS is like that extra staff member you've always wanted, but couldn't afford. Helping organise our paperwork, manage customer relations and track our inventory - allowing us to quote in confidence, knowing exactly what equipment is in stock.

Brad Holder, MD @ PCC Productions Pty Ltd
EW Production Services uses Current RMS

This cloud rental software is like no other! It’s helped us grow our business into being an international Sound, Lighting, AV & Installation company. The staff behind the product are equally as amazing, always developing new features & helping with any questions we may have.

Ryan Abrahams, Business Manager @ EW Production Services Ltd
Compsolution Inc uses Current RMS

The flexibility to work anywhere and the fast and efficient way of creating quotes has been really beneficial. Current has an excellent support team that never leave you hanging and always find a solution!

Ahmed Mohamed, Technical Director @ Compsolution Inc.
Profile Productions uses Current RMS

Our workflow has massively improved as I'm able to keep all conversations and files together in one place and I can see every conversation and tech rider that's taken place within a job. Current is constantly developing, with regular updates and features added, which is a bonus.

Martyn Gale, Owner @ Profile Productions
RSH Audio uses Current RMS

We're able to turnaround quotes very quickly, often key to winning jobs; and the day-to day running has been a lot smoother as everyone is kept in the loop, vital over festival season in what is our busiest summer to date.

Joe Haycocks, Director @ RSH Audio
Liteup Events uses Current RMS

We are delighted with Current RMS, it has improved all aspects of our productivity enabling us to work much more efficiently. Cloud fits in exceptionally with the busy nature of Liteup and the way we are often onsite on many simultaneous projects.

Marc Callaghan, Owner @ Liteup Events
Liteup Events uses Current RMS

We've only been using Current a short time and already the benefits to our operations have been huge. Using the software to help us manage our work with some of the biggest festivals in the country has enabled us to keep a much tighter control on our equipment and ensure everything we send out works first time, every time.

Ben Harwood, Director @ DJ Rentals
HAVEsound uses Current RMS

Our clients are delighted with the quick turnaround of requests and paperwork they receive - all down to Current constantly being on the ball. Having a technical team on hand has aided us to develop the company at a much faster pace. We love it!

Thomas Hackley, Executive Director @ HAVEsound
NLFX Professional uses Current RMS

In the AV world equipment is constantly on the move - by using Current our staff can check the status of an item immediately from anywhere in the world. Our clients depend on our equipment for successful events and we depend on Current RMS.

Ben Stowe, Owner @ NLFX Professional Inc
ESW uses Current RMS

We are able to use Current whilst away from the office, allowing us to be more flexible. From local festivals and charity events, through to international conferences in Europe, Current RMS has ensured everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Martin Nicholls, Managing Director @ ESW Solutions
Nub Sound uses Current RMS

The stability of Current since day 1 has been a real outstanding feature as new updates are regular and always solid. The workflow within Current allows us to move forward with hires in a natural and fluid manner leaving the clients feeling in control.

Josh Small @ Nub Sound
Wild Gravity uses Current RMS

Winter is our busiest season and with the help of Current RMS we'll be assured that all of the equipment is going out on the right jobs making it much less stressful - it can't get better than that!

Noel Anthony, Director @ Wild Gravity Pty Ltd
SMD Technical uses Current RMS

The Current RMS package is probably the best and most thought out rental software package available. We've traded in our market for 27 years and Current can cope with every scenario. With their excellent support and ability to go the extra mile we’ll have many trouble free years ahead with Current.

Steve Olivier, Director @ SMD Technical
Avion TSL uses Current RMS

Current has been built by people that know how the rental industry works. After just a few hours of setting up, we were creating quotes and receiving positive customer feedback from the way it looks and works, an integral part to everything we do!

Mat Spencer, Event Manager @ Avion TSL
Event Sound and Light uses Current RMS

Since using Current, producing quotes and invoices is a lot quicker, letting us concentrate on future jobs. Using one central package we can access remotely has proven to be worth its weight in gold and we’ve been impressed with upgrades that keep making Current better.

Paul Galley, Director @ Event Sound and Light
DSM Productions uses Current RMS

Current seamlessly helps us run a smoother business operation in a demanding industry. Creating the initial enquiry through to finishing and invoicing the job is so simple. Inventory assignment is fully integrated and the product catalogue is great for storing images, specs, and manuals for virtually any product.

Dan Smith, Director @ DSM Productions Ltd
JL Lighting uses Current RMS

Using cloud rental software has revolutionised our business. Current RMS allows us to instantly provide costs to our clients, as well as review our quotes during production meetings, giving instant feedback on how the job is changing.

Jack Linaker, Director @ JL Lighting

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